Small Business

Shoffner & Associates represents sole proprietors, partnerships, companies, and businesses in the Boston area, throughout Massachusetts and the United States. Like the companies it represents, the firm is small — just a few very dedicated lawyers with over a quarter century in business and legal experience. They provide focused and effective legal services to each client whether it is a general business law, litigation, contract, trademark, copyright, estate planning, or probate matter. Shoffner & Associates attorneys are committed to making sure that their clients get the best service and the results that they need.
Shoffner & Associates advises small start-up businesses in business planning, entity selection, and other formation issues. They help their established business clients with business litigation, tax, trademark and copyright advice, and they provide outstanding support in succession planning, estate planning, business transfers and sales, and dissolution.
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Starting Your Business

Is starting your own business right for you? Are you ready?

The fact that you have always wanted to, does not mean that you are cut out to open and manage your own business. Running a company requires entrepreneurial skills in addition to technical skills.


Running Your Business

We all know–news on the economic front is usually grim. How on earth can a small business survive?

Now is a the time for small businesses to lay a solid foundation for a great future. Working closely with your lawyer can ensure that your business runs efficiently and profitably for many years.


The Finish Line

You own and run your business today so that you can pass it on to your next generation.

Whether your succession plan includes a sale to a third party, or to an insider, there are big risks. You need the right lawyer on your side to guide you through the whole process to a successful finish.