September 22, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

Personal Bankruptcy, Is it For You?

When do money worries mean it's time to file for bankruptcy? This question comes up more during times of economic instability. Life's circumstances can change in a heartbeat. It can be a daily worry whether you will be able to pay off your debt. This angst can come after savings have been depleted and there is the fear of losing your home. You may dread answering the phone, fearing the people on the other end are creditors or collection agencies.
September 15, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

Is Your Business Ready for a Hurricane?

Hurricanes have been getting worse and the attendant damage has escalated. We need to prepare our homes and businesses before the next hurricane strikes. There are measures to take that apply specifically to your business. Your business as well as its physical structure needs to survive and recover as quickly as possible.
September 08, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

Creative Small Business Benefits

Health and retirement plans are the most sought-after benefits for employees. There are other benefits that can be offered as well. They too will serve to attract and retain employees while building company culture and loyalty. Think about additional perks your team will care about and select from there. The list is endless. Some possibilities are below.
September 01, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

Dealing With Personal Debt.

We can all use a little peace of mind. One way to achieve it and financial stability is to get control of your household finances and debt. There are ways to get out of debt and stay out of debt.
August 25, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

Are Your Assets At Risk in Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision with many considerations. One concern that many people have is will they have to give up everything they own including their house, vehicle, and bank accounts. Most people who file for bankruptcy get to keep all or at least most of their possessions. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, people keep all of their assets; however, the value of the assets does impact their repayment plan.
August 18, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

What Is Workplace Harassment?

Workplace harassment takes many forms. It affects businesses of all sizes and types. Identifying and dealing with workplace harassment is vital on so many levels to creating a safe work environment and preventing a hostile work environment. Workplace harassment is illegal. It is often not reported out of fear and confusion as to what constitutes harassment.
August 11, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

Power of Attorney and Bankruptcy

Power of Attorney is a powerful and critical part of your estate plan. It allows someone to act on your behalf should you become incapacitated. Whomever you appoint as your "agent" or "attorney in fact" can make decisions for you or manage your finances. A standard Power of Attorney agreement does not allow the agent to sign a bankruptcy petition on someone else's behalf.
August 04, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

Avoid Pitfalls, Plan Your Business Exit.

You can't prepare for what you don't plan for. Planning your business exit well ahead of time can lead to success. There is a wide assortment of reasons that business owners don't plan for their own exits. One of the biggest reasons is being caught up in the day-to-day aspects of running the business. Other reasons and fears include having to regain business value lost during the economic downturn, fear of conflict, family dynamics, no personal plan for the future, employees can't handle the business, and co-owners with different goals.
July 28, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

Determining Life Insurance Needs

There is no one answer to how much life insurance coverage one needs. It is different for everyone. It is determined by your life, the lives of your loved ones, your investments, and your monetary obligations. It is designed to provide financial support, after your death, to your loved ones immediately and in the years to come.
July 21, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

Renters Insurance – Do You Need It?

Renters insurance protects your belongings and your personal liability. It is a valuable tool to have if you rent an apartment or other housing. If something suddenly happened to all of your belongings, could you afford to replace them all at once? This is where renters insurance makes all the difference.
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