November 21, 2018 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

The Thanksgiving Table Is The Perfect Forum To Discuss Estate Planning. Do not be a turkey -- gather up the courage to raise these important topics.

November 20, 2018 | Freya Shoffner | Main Office

Freya Allen Shoffner, Esq.

Principal Attorney, Shoffner & Associates

Freya Allen Shoffner offers practical, effective solutions for businesses, families and individuals on a wide variety of legal matters. Freya has strong experience in the areas of business and corporate law, tax, estate and long-term planning, probate, litigation, bankruptcy, real estate, and traditional and alternative family matters. She helps both for-profit and non-profit businesses in many industries including medical, retail, hospitality, real estate and technology.

April 27, 2018 | Freya Shoffner
Tax season is fast approaching, with everyone's employer due to send their W-2s by the end of January.
April 27, 2018 | Freya Shoffner
Need a Speaker for a Business Event? Give us a call at (617) 369-0111 or email
April 27, 2018 | Freya Shoffner
Getting rid of documents properly can be key to protecting your personal information online and off.
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