February 24, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

9 Common Lawsuits Affecting Small Businesses.

Lawsuits are an unfortunate part of doing business. They are brought for a multitude of reasons. The more we know about them, the more likely we are to fend them off. Below are nine of the most common.
February 17, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

Changes to Work Status During Covid-19

During Covid-19 employers have had to make many changes within their businesses. Many of these changes impact the work status of their employees. Cost cutting measures include salary reductions, furloughs, and layoffs.
February 10, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing.


Covid-19 and its tremendous impact has meant that having an up-to-date online presence and digitally interacting with your customers is more important than ever. There is a lot you can do. Our new normal means that a virtual component to your small business's marketing strategy is essential. It is cost-effective and immediate and can make all the difference to your business.
February 03, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

PPP Loans – Second Round

The second round of loans through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has begun. Small businesses can apply for these loans through March 31. There are differences between the first and second round of the PPP loans. One significant change to these loans, which were designed to keep small businesses in business during the pandemic, is that businesses can now apply for a second loan. Other changes to the PPP should make the process easier.
January 27, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office


Please help us in Congratulating Amanda Y. Cordes, ESQ. who took the Oath on January 11, 2021, signifying the final step to becoming a licensed Attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Now officially Amanda Y. Cordes, Esq.

Amanda has been working for Shoffner & Associates since May 2019 and will be focusing her efforts on Small Business Corporate Law.
January 20, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

Business Sales in 2021.

2021 may very well be a good year for selling businesses. There will likely be a far greater number of opportunity seekers and business owners well-positioned to profit or forced to exit than in past years.
January 13, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

Marketing Tips for Your Small Business


Marketing strategies need to change with the times. Covid-19 has certainly brought significant changes to the business environment. Most small businesses have seen a decrease in revenue while some have actually seen an increase. Both the lives of businesses and consumers have changed which require changes to your marketing and communications.
January 06, 2021 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

Bolster Your Small Business.


Small businesses around the world are shaken up during this global pandemic. It is not business as usual. There are simple changes you can make to bolster your business now and going forward.
December 30, 2020 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire

Strategize for Your Business Exit

Preparing to exit your small business can be your path to success. Businesses are usually their owner's biggest asset, and not strategizing how to leave the business can put them, their employees, and their families at risk. You should learn about and plan your...
December 23, 2020 | Freya Allen Shoffner, Esquire | Main Office

Small Business Success During Covid.

Necessity is the mother of invention. We have all heard that and it is as true as it has ever been. We are seeing small businesses take it to heart, put it into practice, and thrive. Yes, even, and particularly, during the pandemic.

Crises create opportunities. More than half of the Fortune 500 companies were started during...
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